Thursday, 14 June 2012

Project Team

Fiona Bull
Professor Fiona Bull, Project Manager, UWA
Professor Fiona Bull is recognised for her work on physical activity and public health and her contribution to research and practice in this field in Australia, the UK and internationally through her extensive international research collaborations and work with the World Health Organisation. Since 1997 Professor Bull’s work has focused on the development of methods and our understanding of the measurement and patterns of participation in physical activity in developed and developing countries. These interests underpin her work on the development and testing of population based approaches to influencing patterns of activity and improving health. Her work has focused mostly on adult populations but more recently has included several studies involving young people. Professor Bull also holds a fractional appoint at UWA and is also Professor of Physical Activity and Health at the School of Exercise and Sports Science, Loughborough University in the UK and co directs the BHF National Centre for Physical Activity and Health

Bryan Boruff
Bryan Boruff, Technical Manager, UWA
Assistant Professor Bryan J Boruff received his PhD in Geography from the University of South Carolina (2005) focusing on the methodological development of risk and vulnerability assessments for environmental hazards. Whilst Bryan’s fundamental research focuses on environmental hazards, he has expertise in the application of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing technologies to a range of environmental management issues ranging from environmental impact assessments, to renewable energies, to population health. Bryan has experience working in developing nations particularly in the Caribbean, Latin America and the South Pacific collaborating on projects funded by: the National Geographic Society, The Nature Conservancy, NASA, the National Science Foundation, the National Academy of Sciences, the Australian Department of Environment and Water Resources, the Centre for Research on Energy and Sustainable Transport and Healthway.

Bridget Beesley
Bridget Beesley, GIS Business Analyst, UWA
Bridget is currently utilizing her GIS and spatial analysis skills to study the relationship between the built environment and health within the Centre for the Built Environment and Health (CBEH). As a Senior GIS Analyst she works on a variety research grants within a multi-disciplinary research team, as well as supporting graduate students with the spatially related research questions. She employs Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst and utilizes the ESRI suite of products for python script tool creation for automation of a variety of research outputs. Prior to commencing work a CBEH Bridget worked as a GIS Manager/Applications analyst at the South Carolina Department of Commerce, utilizing GIS in support of state wide economic development efforts. Bridget completed a Bachelor of Arts, Honours at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON Canada (2000), specializing in Geography (and GIS), and Development Studies (International Development). Following this she completed a Master of Science in Geography (2002) at the University of South Carolina, with a specialization in GIS modelling and spatial analysis, remote sensing theory and application, database management and Internet mapping applications.

Andrew Dennison
Andrew Dennison, Technical Manager, Gaia Resources
Andrew has a background in geography and data management with considerable Geographical Information Systems experience. Andrew has worked in the spatial industry for over ten years on a range of technologies and has a particular interest in open source software. His previous roles include GIS Consultant, GIS Manager, Spatial Database Administrator and Account Manager. Andrew has worked in the public and private sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

Piers Higgs
Piers Higgs, GIS Business Analyst, Gaia Resources
Piers is the Director of Gaia Resources. His role in the business focuses on an oversight role for the company, although he remains involved in a range of projects. Piers has a background in environmental science and data management, including database development and considerable Geographical Information Systems experience. His previous roles included a role as an field ecologist and data manager for a biological sciences company, as well as a project manager for a multinational company. Piers has worked in the public and private sectors in Australia and South-East Asia.

Akeal Hayek
Akeal Hayek, Software Developer, Gaia Resources
Akeal is involved in the GIS development, analysis, management, integration and storage of GIS data for Gaia Resources. Akeal is involved in developing custom spatial tools to automate time and process intensive GIS workflows. He has a previous background in engineering and cadastral surveying and has experience in the use of GPS and related field data collection systems. He is proficient in computer aided drafting and also in the use of all the major GIS software packages, in addition to many open-source products. Akeal enjoys developing software applications to assist in automating GIS workflows to produce results. He has considerable experience in the languages Python, Visual Basic.Net, and Java.

Ben Khoo
Ben Khoo, Software Developer, Gaia Resources
Ben is involved with the design and implementation of many of Gaia’s web and database driven applications. Ben has worked in the software development and information technology industry for over five years on a range of technologies from desktop software to multi tiered web application development. His past roles have included software engineering, systems engineering, and support. Ben has most recently worked in the defence simulation and training industry where he worked with the Australian Department of Defence and industry.

Mel McVee
Mel McVee, Software Developer, Gaia Resources
Mel is a GIS generalist, specialising in cartography, modelling, analytical processing, scripting and data management. She also is involved in web production and maintenance, as well as GUI and document design. Mel has an extensive background in the oil and gas and environmental conservation industries. She is an avid GIS volunteer for non-for profit organisations, primarily assisting in marine conservation producing analytical work based on coral reef bleaching in several countries.

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