Monday, 10 September 2012

Project Outputs and Our Primary Product

In general, the POS Tool provides access to integrated built-environment information not readily available for the region. The POS Tool will provide users with the ability to examine and interrogate POS and POS amenity data and derive POS-built environment measures based on two ABS political units - suburb and local government authority (LGA). In a planning context, the tool will allow for the geovisualization of the distribution of POS and POS amenity across the Perth metropolitan region but also allow for scenario testing of the impact of population growth on access to POS (and POS amenity). Users will be able to change the population of political units and recalculate POS and POS amenity measures to examine how growth will influence access to POS in a political unit. In a health context, the tool provides the ability to examine POS provision across the region and exported POS related information for LGAs and suburbs for linkage with other census or health outcome data.

It is expected that a Beta version of the POS Tool will be unveiled in late November at a workshop highlighting the uses for and, technical aspects of the tool.  


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  1. Again the use of acronyms, Joe Public will not know what these are. Perhaps a glossary to link to or even just use of Park/Reserves. Also AB, LGAs, should be linked.

    Would be nice to have some initial wireframes up of the expected tools/visualisations. Something to show initial prototyping?