Monday, 10 September 2012

Technologies and Features

Major Features

The user experience is driven via an interactive map, it is intended that the user will use the map search to locate an area of interest (either a specific address, a public open space or suburb/local government area region) and then interact with the data to learn more about parks and and their amenities in a specifc region.

The map interface has been designed similar to that of Google Maps offering an web GIS experience familiar to many users.

In addition users can download information for an individual public open space, or park summary data for a suburb or local government area for linkage with additional georeferenced data on within other anaylytics software packages.  



The web server component uses Python and the Django/GeoDjango web framework with a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database. The front end is built using OpenLayers for the map display and JQuery and JQuery UI for the other interface elements.

The project uses Jenkins for integration testing and the source will be hosted in a Google Code repository upon completion of the project.

1 comment:

  1. Can I get a link to your actual Jenkins dashboard?

    Thanks for linking to the code repository, please make sure to have the repo ref the blog and vice versa for better Google juice :)

    I don't see anything in the code trunk yet? Are you going to actively develop via the repo or are you using an internal SVN?

    Thanks for all the links to the dependencies (especially the versions), that is v. helpful. Are you using NeCTAR by chance to do the build, via Chef, Puppet or the like?

    Are you liaising with any other project that has done similar overlays of data like this? e.g.

    Perhaps not the same thing but perhaps some lessons to be learned from one another?

    Sorry for all the questions, but looks to be an interesting project :)